So Dad It's Good - Eric Friedman Newsletter #5

A new platform!

Welcome to another addition - I have switched over to Substack because its free and the subscriber base has grown - thanks for being here.

Dad jokes involving kids are always my favorite so heres a good start:
KID: "Dad, make me a sandwich!" DAD: "Poof, you’re a sandwich!”

What I am reading:

Inside James Dyson’s Costly Decision to Kill His Electric Car
Amazing view into one of the largest spends to date, about why they killed the project and what they are competing with.

Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan
Great view into one of the more complex and interesting minds of our time, Jeff Bezos, and potentially his “master plan” for what he wants to build.

DailyBooth - the startup that almost worked
I followed this story/app when it launched and was amazing to see. I think there should be more of these from a postmortem and background perspective and appreciate the founder sharing here.

What I am writing

NNTR - No Need to Respond - My version of what I wish every emailed contained
The F*ck It Fund - A savings account system I use personally
I Don’t Know - The power to say “I don’t know” never goes out of style (from the 2009 archives!)

Twitter Greatness

This should make anyone happy

Wow, amazing.

Love this Mini TweetStorm by Andy from Holloway and the framework he lays out.

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