Building The Machine #5

23% more dad jokes and my latest updates

Hello and welcome new subscribers and listeners. In case you forgot, you subscribed to the Eric Friedman personal newsletter where I go deep on how to build the machine inside a company. I have been writing more, launched the podcast, and thinking deeply about what the future of startups look like - spoiler alert its; Quiet Giants.

If you click nothing but the 3 links above - I am a happy writer. Also, are they Dad jokes, or RAD jokes? Both.

What I am reading:

Brooks Law of Communication - for every person you add, communication becomes more complicated.

Gokuls Spade Toolkit for decision Making

Salary negotiation tactics

What I am writing:

My thesis on Quiet Giants in 2020 and beyond

Predictions for 2020 and beyond

Building The Machine:

I am very proud to have launched my podcast. I have been working hard for the past 6 months and going to be very much building in public. I had the pleasure of sitting down with two incredible entrepreneurs and think each episode is genuinely great.

Episode 1 with CEO of Nick Patrick of Radar - going deep on early stage as a CS + MBA + Product hybrid.

Episode 2 with CEO of Clearbit Alex MacCaw - incredibly deep dive into managing 100 person company and the tools and services he uses to manage 1:1s and the entire team.

If you have feedback (good or bad!) it would be great to hear it. Also, if you could subscribe and rate the podcast, I would really appreciate it.

Here is the podcast link again.

Thanks for reading (and listening!)

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